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Elaine Turner
Elaine Turner

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Carlo Fashion e-Magazine // As a Editor since 8 years old // READ MORE

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Dear Faithful Supporter and Reader,
Thanks Support "Carlo Fashion e-Magazine" All Blogs.
since our 1st starting stage.
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Actually, I have being a Editor since my childhood 

I published my 1st unprofessional paper magazine. 
Then I sold it at $1 to my classmates. All SOLD OUT!!! All my classmates have brought it over yearS. I was so happy and proud of it . Yesterday, I thought that it must be very incredible magazine.That's why so popular! Oh! I forget to tell you ...I am a monitor during study. After I grow up and think back, maybe the truth is like that..........Because I am a monitor........If my classmates don't buy my $1 unprofessional paper magazine, maybe they afraid will be punished.That's why they brought it?!? That's why SOLD OUT ?!?! Wooo......anyway thanks!
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Today, I create a blog just name it "Carlo Fashion e-Magazine" 

I hope to continue my magazine dream online,too......
Now, my supporters and readers not just classmates but you too........ most are USA European and some come from Asian.....  
Most our readers are female, but we are also treasure our male readers, too.
Some are existing readers, some are new readers, 
some readers became our collaborator, feature, some feature became our readers,supporters too......
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Recently, we have some new join collaborators and sponsorship.
After Team brain storm and discussion, we are updating some new improvements recently.
Now we are entering 2rd developing stage.

Hope you continue to support 
"Carlo Fashion e-Magazine" Blog 

Also, Thanks Support other "Carlo Fashion Blogs" NYC City Blog / Asian Blog
And anyone of Carlo Fashion Collaboration

yours sincerely,
Carlotta Ferriari
Editor and Edition Blogger
Carlo Fashion e-Magazine 

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VERONICA BEARD[Brand familiar ]

Veronica Beard

tidebuy [Feature Highlight]

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VERONICA BEARD [Brand Familiar]

Veronica Beard

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