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Big Fashion Trends (3) afterwards epidemic

Big Fashion Trends afterwards epidemic

Many people asked me how you predict the upcoming fashion trends as Editor?

Just close my eyes think deliberately, then the inspiration will be floating in my mind.

It's hard to describe why it works, maybe it's fashion sense since I born, Also it combines with my working experience, life experiences and so on......

I call it is my "fashion instinct"!

Then I find it bingo 70-85%.
What a predict it will be a big trend soon.....

It's more fast then I travel many many places to capture what is the latest trends or search from the bowse internet,or go to library, institute to read some forecast book , information.....

Of course it's more accurate to get the latest news from professional show, magazine,....if I have time,
but now it's not convenient for travel during epidemic time.

Back to the topic "Fashion Trends"

"Abstract Colourful" will be the next Big Fashion colour.

we all suffer from the disease time. we all tired about ill, isolated, dull, sad, loneliness,quiet....
After epidemic, we all need LOUD. louder louder again....

We need some new, colourful, high contrast colour to cheer up again.

Now we just almost similar like after second world war , we have been tire about ugly, broken piece, loose, untidy look in a war. Although this time our enemies not human being but viruses, but
It should be end up.

"Stylish", beautiful, even extremely look are more desirable style.

No more next door nice girl look , something too navies,
quite usual ,tone on tone, 
will be outdate. 

Enhance about the waist, such as waistband, waisted will be hot item, tight fit, body fitness to show off the body curve,
we already don't want to some clothes like home wear too loose stay at home anymore.

Reverage Cosmetic Purchase especially red lipstick.It is almost 3 years we never see and to be seen our and other people's lips liberty in anytime. it seems no need to put the lipstick lip gloss on my lips ,I already put most of my lipstick in the refrigerator freezer. Until the day without mask still safety. Red Lips will be crazy again.

Athletic Leisure Sports look still hot.
It's different from other field, some short trend or items will be dropped the demand,
but gym yoga camping running sports wear trend just starting and will going on popularly.

SunGlass will be more popular than eye contact lens . Since pandemic everyone avoid touching anything to get inflected.
Suddenly sunglasses become another kind of fashionable eye mask to resist virus.
Although it will not be very popular after pandemic ,but we already used to wear it as a habit.

We need to prepare a new and "exciting look" when everything healthy and safety again, and then back to our normal life moving forward again....

To be continued.....

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